June 15, 2017


"The Tow Pros did a really good job at coming and picking up my baby (car) after it quit working for me; it took them quite a bit to get to where I was, but I was so concerned with my car; I was more than humbled to wait (or have my husband wait due to errands) but they did a really good job at getting it hooked up and making sure it was taken care of in the best ways possible; that it made me quite proud to have someone there who cared just as much for my car, like I did. Overall great choice from my insurance; and basically they got my car where it needed to be regardless of distance; and the gps to my location was spot on. Rapid has a good company here with great hospitality; and we got treated very well by the guy who picked up my car. Five stars."
March 27, 2017

Above and beyond

"Tow Pros through AAA towed our truck back to the shop due to sloppy service. JR called us with additional information that he noticed while loading our truck; that we would not be able to see unless we were at eye level like him. His additional assistance helped us greatly! it feels good to know that there are services out there that still care about quality and customer service. "
August 9, 2016

Damn, they’re good!

"My car died at the intersection of Omaha and Cambell. These guys showed up out of nowhere and had my car loaded up before the light changed. I'll definitely use them again, but hopefully won't have to haha."